Think Big. Think Bigfoot VoIP!

“Hello…is it me you’re looking for? Or is it accounts? Retentions? Support? Please hold…”

Our VoIP solution takes the pain out of contact centre operations by empowering your people, streamlining your processes and boosting your platforms for a great caller experience.

Your people:

Modern employees are looking for flexibility to meet their busy and complex lifestyles while growing their careers. Our solution offers:

  • Reliable, measurable remote working platforms to maintain business continuity.

  • Fair performance appraisals by using smart analytics to assess them on 100% of their interactions.

  • Tailored coaching by using smart business intelligence and accurate call assessments

  • Pep talk conversation starters with accurate positive customer feedback.

Your processes:

We transform your processes from pick-ups and transfers into a Bigfoot beast of streamlined awesomeness.

  • Our transfer processes connect callers to the most appropriate member of the team, improving average handling time, increasing first-call closure rates and boosting the number of overall transactions completed.

  • We link your CRM and other business systems, so your agents have the right info at their fingertips, without needed to switch between systems to solve a query.

  • We make business information even smarter by using it to improve processes, measure customer feedback and integrate product and business knowledge into your agents’ daily routine.

Your platforms:

We help implement platforms that unify all communications into one system that’s easy to manage and improves the customer experience by speeding up call resolution.

  • Optimised desktops that provide quick access to the right information on a simplified system.

  • Automated and IVR technology that works with your agents to solve calls, quickly (the robot overlords aren’t taking over just yet).

  • Omni-channel integration that connects your contact centre seamlessly with the rest of the business.

  • Integrated data from multiple resources that provides a single, so consolidated view of the customer.

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