Think Big!

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Our Background

Bigfoot-IT is a solutions company that specialises in the collaboration and integration of business platforms.


Our software, networking and industry expertise gives you a holistic view of your day-to-day processes so you can monitor and optimise your business – from the very first step.

We don’t believe in rip-and-replace processes and create bespoke solutions for each project. Your business becomes our business and we welcome every client as part of the Bigfoot-IT tribe .

Bigfoot-IT Services

Think BIG!

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the original voice solution with a Bigfoot boost!

Innovative voice solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and scalable


We partner with VoipNow for Voice support and Vox for minutes.



Software Dev

We keep our devs locked in a room with energy drinks and food on your behalf.


Fast and cost-effective end-to-end development of standard and specialised software


AI Bots.

These ARE the droids you are looking for.


Smart tech to automate tasks of any complexity so your teams are empowered to achieve more


We all need somebody to lean on (sing it with me now!)

We work closely with your team to identify, assess and transform your strategic and technical capabilities.

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