Our Background

Finding a company that does software development is easy. Finding one that offers VoIP solutions or cyber security is even easier. But finding one that offers state-of-the-art VoIP, software, Internet of Things, bots, security and workflow solutions all in one is almost as impossible as finding an actual bigfoot. This is where Bigfoot-IT comes in: we do all these things. All of them. And then some. Read further to get a glimpse into the legendary world of Bigfoot-IT and how to become a part of our tribe.

Our Products

Voice Over IP


Connecting clients at the speed of sound.
Join the Bigfoot-IT tribe and never pay more than 25c per minute with special landline rates and reliable per second billing.

AI Bots

These ARE the droids you are looking for.
Smart tech to automate tasks of any complexity so your teams are empowered to achieve.

Speech Analytics

Full call transcription and indexing so you can "see" what everyone is saying.
A unique South African built transcription engine. Run analytics and reports on all your calls to truly guage customer sentiment and agent performance.

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